I Know, I Know

Yeah, it’s been awhile. No I haven’t been letting the funk get to me (too much anyway), but things have just been… okay. I guess.

I’m finally getting the financial situation figured out, slowly but surely. I won’t have to worry about paying back my student loans for awhile, thankfully. That’s because *drumroll* I’m going back to school!

I go back starting Monday. I’m getting my MA in Communications with a concentration in New Media and Marketing. The textbook for my first class is Intro to Mass Communications. Yeah, I think that’s about 17 years too late but whatever. That means I’d better get a high A in this class, right?

Some things have changed since I got my Bachelor’s three years ago. Papers are formatted differently and I’m going to have to re-familiarize myself with formal writing — but I think this is going to be amazing for me. I needed a new challenge, I needed SOMETHING to do — and this fits the bill. I’m anxious to start my classes. The best part (at least for my first class) is no group projects! God, those were the bane of my existence when I was getting my Bachelor’s. I’m just hoping when I eventually do have these hellacious projects that, because my classes are Master’s level, people will actually be willing to WORK. We’ll see. If the first couple of weeks of my discussion board is any indication, I may be asking for too much. When the instructor posts “thank you for putting your name in the subject line of your introduction” and you post “Introduction” as your subject line… it may be a long ten weeks. But hey — at least I’m not depending on them for my grade.


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