Laci’s Blog, Take 34829

Lionel Richie HelloWell. Let’s see if this one sticks. I used to blog pretty regularly in the early 2000s, you know before Facebook, Twitter, etc. came along. I met some damn good friends in the blog community, many of whom I’m still close to today. But social media kind of got in the way of blogging along with school, work, and life.

I’ve had several iterations of blogs since then, mainly on Tumblr, but I wanted to give WordPress a go again. It was my platform of choice back in the day so here I am again.

A lot has changed. I’ve changed. But I want this safe place for me to let out all the feels and maybe even work on some of my writing. I don’t have high expectations that anyone besides me will read this — and that’s okay. I just need someplace to let it all out. We’ll see how long this one lasts. Hopefully this will be home for a while.


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